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7/8/2023 Meeting

Hey JCLers! The board met up again to discuss some logistics for NJCL! Before we get into the more specific rundown of what we talked about, we have some important announcements for you guys. 1. NJCL is having a Band-Aid drive, so please get some bandages and bring them with you to Nats! 2. We're collecting money for state shirts! Please Venmo Bella ASAP, we'll send out prices and more info soon :)

3. We want to have 2 delegation-wide meetings, tentatively set for July 18th and 19th. Time and locations are TBD, but please come!! We'd prefer if you could come to both, but if not, at least come to one of the meetings as we'll be practicing Spirit chants :) At our meeting, we talked about

  1. Spirit props and shirts

  2. Funding for shirts and Agora

  3. What we're selling at Agora (shirts, pins, and stickers, hopefully!)

NJCL is in only 2 weeks, we're looking forward to seeing you guys soon!!


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