Madeline Chang


Class of 2020

School: Benet Academy


Madeline is the President of the Illinois Junior Classical League. She oversees the dedicated student board and communicates with the adult board. Madeline started taking Latin in her freshman year of high school and is a dedicated member of Benet Academy’s Latin Club and Certamen Team. Outside of JCL activities, she enjoys reading about psychology, learning about Roman culture, and participating in Benet’s Madrigal choir. Madeline is a Slytherin and can’t wait to see what the next year holds in the JCL!

Likes: Listening to music on Spotify, eating bagels, stuffed animals, braiding hair, corgi videos, and Latin Class

Favorite Latin Quote: Per aspera ad astra

Amelie Quevedo

1st Vice President

Class of 2021

School: Kenwood Academy 

Amelie is the 1st Vice President of the Illinois Junior Classical League. Her job is to promote ILJCL membership and publicize the ILJCL by updating the website and social media. She is a sophomore at Kenwood Academy and has been taking Latin since freshmen year. She has attended two ILJCL conventions as well as one NJCL convention. 

Likes: giraffes, Vampire Weekend, The Bell Jar, and the smell of trees

Favorite Latin Quote: Id est quod is est 

Deena Al-Ali

2nd Vice President

Class of 2020

School: Northside College Prep


Deena is the Second Vice President of the Illinois Junior Classical League. She is in charge of all things related to spirit and service during both state and national convention as well as throughout the year. Deena first started taking latin in 2nd grade, but hadn't experienced the JCL in all of its glory until her freshman year of high school when she got involved with Northside’s Latin Club and Certamen. She is a grammarian on her upper Certamen team and currently serves as the Latin Club Secretary, previously holding the position of spirit leader. She loves to spend time with her family and friends and listen to music. She is super excited for convention and cannot wait for nationals!

Likes: Puns and dad jokes (please tell me some if you know any!), music, basketball, the Chicago Bears, romantic comedies, dogs, sleeping, Latin grammar, and Chipotle

Favorite Latin Quote: Esse quam videri

Nira Suvagia


Class of 2020

School:Elgin Academy 

Nira is the Secretary of the Illinois Junior Classical League. she is in charge of keeping the minutes of meetings and maintaining the intricate, labyrinthine collection of documents and spreadsheets relating to Board business. Bio: Nira first started taking Latin in 7th grade and is a member of her school’s Latin Club and Advanced Certamen team. Outside of Latin, Nira actively volunteers in various organizations within her local community and internationally. Nira is excited to experience the love and craziness for Latin at Nationals and convention.

Likes: Starbucks, Chipotle, traveling, annoying my sister, quokkas, Chicago Cubs, and Latin puns

Latin Quote: Omnium rerum principia parva sunt

Blake Carnes


Class of 2020

School: Whitney Young

Blake is the Parliamentarian of the Illinois Junior Classical League and is serving on the board for a second time for 2019-2020. Blake is in charge of decisions concerning the rules of parliamentary procedure according to Robert's Rules of Order. Blake is a rising senior and has completed AP Latin, after having taken Latin since the third grade. He has attended five conventions. He has been on the Whitney Young Certamen team for the past five years and teaches grammar to the younger Certameneers. 

Likes: Birds, talking, repetition, animation, Horace, repetition, and iced coffee in the evening.

Favorite Latin Quote: Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur

Tony Lu


 Class of 2020
School: Hinsdale South


Tony is the Historian of the Illinois Junior Classical League. He is in charge editing the seasonal nuntius, keeps records, keeps the state scrapbook, and takes pictures and makes videos of everything JCL related. He is involved in Hinsdale South’s small Latin community, a captain of the Latin team and a co-captain of Hinsdale South’s Certamen team. Outside of Latin, Tony loves participating in music related events, such as band, choir, and drama.

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