Brianna Suchyta


Class of 2022

School: Elgin Academy



Brianna is a rising senior at Elgin Academy. ​She started taking Latin in fifth grade and loves the language. She is an elected representative of the Athletic Council and editor of her school’s newspaper. Outside of school, she runs a successful online small business selling handmade jewelry. She is also a power tumbler/trampolinist and has competed in this sport. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at local animal shelters and taking care of her pets. 


Likes: animals (especially dogs), arts and crafts, power tumbling & trampoline, spending time with her four siblings

Favorite Latin Quote: “Lupus non timet canem latrantem”

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Riona Duncan

1st Vice President

Class of 2023

School: Walter Payton College Prep


Riona is a sophomore at Walter Payton. She has been taking Latin since 7th grade and has been to four state conventions. She plays certamen, writes for her school newspaper, and does graphic design for a couple clubs' instagrams. In her free time, she likes playing board games and D&D, exercising, and spending time with her twin.

Likes: Dungeons and Dragons, writing bad poetry, rowing, long walks

Favorite Latin quote: Ipsa scientia potestas est


Colleen De Allaume

2nd Vice President

Class of 2022

School: Walter Payton College Prep


Colleen has been taking Latin since first grade at Decatur and is the co-captain of her Certamen team. She loves herpetology and has a chameleon named Velcro (she will send pictures upon request). She works as a volunteer docent at the Brookfield Zoo and is part of the ZooTeens program at the Lincoln Park Zoo. She loves music and sings and writes for Sapphosphere. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. She is excited to lead future spirit events for ILJCL!

Likes: Singing, songwriting, playing instruments, art
Favorite Latin Quote: "Ad Astra Per Aspera"


Michael Rapp

Communications Coordinator

Class of 2022

School: Northside College Prep


Michael is a junior at Northside College Prep. He has been taking Latin since the 5th grade, been to 5 state conventions, and loves to learn grammar (specifically the 5th declension). He is on the board of the Northside Science Olympiad team and loves chemistry. In his free time he likes to play the piano, take photos, and make websites.

Likes: Piano, Chocolate Milk, and Crime Drama TV Shows

Favorite Latin Quote: "Alea iacta est"


Valentina Pannarale


Class of 2022

School: Benet Academy


Valentina Pannarale is a junior at Benet Academy and the 2021-2022 ILJCL Parliamentarian. She's taken Latin since freshman year, and has been to three state conventions (so far). Outside of Latin, Val loves to help out on the production and tech side of Benet's various shows, make coffee, and watch movies :)

Likes: Coffee, theatre, C. Mucius Scaevola, oat milk, dogs

Favorite Latin quote: "Dum spiro, spero"


Taylor Sellers-Varela


Class of 2022

School: Whitney Young Magnet School

He/ They

Taylor is a junior at Whitney Young. He has been taking Latin since kindergarten at Decatur, and is the Treasurer of the Whitney Young Certamen Team. He is also in the Chicago Children's Choir's Voice of Chicago ensemble, and is on the board of his school's pride club. As well as Classics, he is passionate about English and Film and in his spare time enjoys singing and creative writing.

Likes: Cats (not the movie), singing, storytelling

Favorite Latin Quote:"Amor omnia vincit"

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