Riona Duncan


Class of 2023

School: Walter Payton College Prep



Riona is a senior at Walter Payton. They started taking Latin in 7th grade and have been hooked ever since. She plays certamen, writes, and does graphic design. In their free time, she likes playing board games, exercising, and spending time with their twin. 


Likes: D&D, writing bad poetry, and listening to music

Favorite Latin Quote: “Ipsa scienta potestas est"


Vivi Sankar

1st Vice President

Class of 2023

School: Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire


Vaishnavi (Vivi) Sankar is a senior at Stevenson. Vivi loves Classics, and in addition to taking Latin classes since freshman year, she is a leader of her school's Latin Club. She has studied Ancient Greece and Rome at Tufts University and the Paideia Institute. She has received the IL seal of biliteracy in Latin. Vivi volunteers with the Paideia Institute, and through her Marvelous Myths program, she hopes to share her interest in Classics with underserved students in her community who do not have access to Latin classes through their schools. She serves on her school's Chemistry Olympiad board, the school leadership advisory council, and the board of her local library. In her free time, she creates fun chemistry experiments on her website ( and shares her video shorts with first graders in her neighboring school district. She enjoys spending time with her two parakeets. 

Likes: Latin, birds, chemistry, playing double bass

Favorite Latin quote: "Animus risu novatur"

Favorite Mythological Character: Athena


Leith Mascari

2nd Vice President

Class of 2023

School: Whitney M Young Magnet High School


Leith is a senior. He has been taking Latin since 8th grade and is currently taking AP Latin. He is a member of the Uppers Certamen team and also coaches the Novice and Junior High teams at Whitney Young. He is also a violinist in CYSO's Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Music programs. Outside of music, he also enjoys physics, especially theoretical kinds. In his spare time (whenever he can find it), he likes to play video games, watch football, read about football, and play card games.

Likes: The Bears, The Usual Suspects, Outer Wilds, Shostakovich 5th Symphony
Favorite Latin Quote: "Qualis apes aestate nova per florea rura exercet sub sole labor"


Mikaela Colagrossi

Communications Coordinator

Class of 2023

School: Saint Ignatius College Prep


Mikaela is a senior. In addition to taking Latin since freshman year, she has taken Ancient Greek since sophomore year. She absolutely loves classics and serves as Consul Certaminis for her school's Classics Club. She is also the electrical captain for her school's robotics team (Go Wolfbyte 5822!). She volunteers as a math tutor and works at her local library. In her free time, she likes to read, play violin, figure skate, do puzzles, and play with her two dogs.

Likes: the Percy Jackson series, 80s music, chemistry & physics, and school/office supplies

Favorite Latin Quote: "Ad astra per aspera"

Favorite Myth: Psyche & Eros


Eshan Mehra


Class of 2023

School: Northside College Prep


Eshan is a senior. He is an AP Latin nerd and Certamen grammarian on the IL and NCP Certamen teams. Outside of classics, he is involved in math team, science olympiad, and Mu Alpha Theta. He plays violin. He also runs in track and field and takes part in road cycling/criterium racing.

Likes: Mariano's orange juice, going fast, Ferrero Rochers, and soft blankets

Favorite Latin quote: "Mens sana in corpore sano"

Favorite Deity: Athena


Nicolette Bennett


Class of 2023

School: Saint Ignatius College Prep


Nicolette is a senior. She has been taking Latin since her freshman year and Greek since her sophomore year. She's the Consul Indiciis for her school's Classics Club. Outside of classics, she is on the Red Cross National Youth Council, co-president of her school's Anti-Racism/Anti-Bias cohort, and a member of her school's Diversity Club. She spends her spare time reading and listening to podcasts.

Likes: Criminal Psychology, rowing, reading, music, and inspirational quotes

Favorite Latin Quote: "Improvidus, apto quod victum"

Favorite goddess: Rhea

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