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Conventiō Societātis Jūniōris Classicālis Nātiōnālis nōbīs venit!

In case your Latin teachers haven't informed you, registration for the National Junior Classical League convention has opened! Again, it will be from July 22nd - 27th at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee, with a cost of $735. 

For more details, please see this fact sheet, it has everything you need to know and everything you should know:

Sperāmus ut possīmus tē vidēre ibí!




We are pleased to announce that the

ILJCL Board for the 2024-2025 year convened for the first time on Tuesday the 27th! Aside from getting to meet one another, we established a group chat to quickly contact one another, discussed plans for National Classics Week, Classicalia (possibly involving chariots!) and writing out new excited proposals for revival plans of ILJCL's online newspaper, the Nuntius. As always, you can find the full meeting minutes archived.

2024 has started off with a bang and the board is excited to see what it will accomplish in this fruitful year! Also, National Convention is on July 22-27 this year at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee, so mark your calendars and ask your parents! Please contact Mr. Nifong at once you've confirmed your attendance!



Hey JCLers!! The JCL board met again today, mostly to finalize some details about Convention, such as the schedule, supplies, and communication with school sponsors. By the way, remember to register for Convention, the deadline is January 20th! Additionally, please bring instruments, props, and/or costumes if you plan to participate in That's Entertainment at Convention!! Make sure to bring old clothes as well to donate for the service project. See you all soon!!

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