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Salvete omnes,

If you attended state convention this year, it would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out the short survey linked below. Getting your feedback will help us create an even better convention for next year.

To refresh your memories, here is the list of spirit themes:

Themes: Throwback Thursday, Purple and GOOOOOOAL(d), and JCLebrities

The lovely Greta Markey has published a new installment of the State Publication, the Nuntius! Read all about our journey at the National Junior Classical League convention in Troy, Alabama here!

Salvete, lovely reader! Thank you for entering the ILJCL Blog! We hope to use this space to update members of the Illinois JCL about upcoming events, updates on the website, and several other related things. Watch this space for more! Also, if you have any suggestions for the website, email me at <3

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