Illinois Junior Classical League Convention

We are happy to invite all members of the ILJCL to the 57th Annual Illinois Junior Classical League Convention, to be held February 20-22, 2020, at the Westin in Itasca, IL. We shall gather for two full days of spirited assemblies, certamen, art and oratorical competition, academic tests, a Roman banquet, a dance, bountiful colloquia on all manner of classical subjects, and much, much more. Festivities commence on Thursday afternoon and continue right through to midday on Saturday.This year we are launching online registration! Please complete the links below, and share them with students and chaperones. Once your registrations are complete, we shall send you an invoice so that you can collect and submit payment by mail. Given that students will be registering themselves, it is imperative that all of us emphasize to students how important it is for them to apprise us of their status, i.e., to let us know as soon as they register, as those numbers affect our chaperone requirements and the like.

1. The cutoff for online registration is January 24, 2020. Payment for all sponsors, students, and chaperones should be received no later than Feb. 1.


2.  School JCL chapters MUST be registered to the ILJCL in order to register for State Convention. A typed list of students in the JCL Chapter, as well as membership dues, must be sent in to William Nifong. Visit the Join Us page for forms and more information.


3. Owing to feeble interest and high cost, we are no longer offering the optional dinner buffet on Thursday evening. PLEASE NOTE, therefore, that all delegations should eat prior to arriving at the hotel or plan on purchasing food from the little bar or the restaurant at the Westin. We are NOT permitted to bring in outside food. Once again: delegations are NOT allowed to arrive at the Westin carrying bags of fast food or pizza boxes, nor may we order outside food for delivery. Such conduct could result in our being barred from the Westin for future events. Thanks so much for your cooperation.


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